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Cead Mile Failte

The National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland is the management body for coarse fishing in Ireland,  North and South representing coarse and predator anglers whether as a member club or individual angler.

The Federation is responsible for a wide range of angling matters relating to coarse fishing in Ireland with particular focus on introducing the young and old alike to coarse angling, improving coarse angling facilities, coaching & development, protecting our fish stocks and management of international and European teams representing Ireland overseas; we involve everyone regardless of background, gender, religion, age or angling ability.

The NCFFI is a member of the Angling Council of Ireland, Sports Council of Ireland, Federation of Irish Sports, the International Angling Confederation CIPS and the Fresh Water Sport Fishing Federation FIPS-ed.

The NCFFI liaises with various bodies including Inland Fisheries Ireland, DCAL Fisheries, Waterways Ireland, Loughs Agency and various others who are charged with legislation that affects our sport and recreational pastime.

Working alongside tourism bodies to include Failte Ireland, Tourism Ireland and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board we aim to assist in the promotion of angling overseas,  not least in our aim to bring World and European angling events to Ireland and show case our world class angling venues.

New in 2014, was the formation of the NCFFI Predator Club with the aim to encourage a broader membership of the NCFFI, introducing like minded individuals to the sport of predator angling with lures and further providing further representation on the world stage.


Membership of the NCFFI is open to everyone!  We offer full club membership, junior and individual associate membership offering insurance (including water keeper and personal accident), Garda vetting, nationally recognised coaching and the opportunity to represent Ireland at international events.  NCFFI events are the only coarse angling events recognised by the Sports Council of Ireland one example of which is the “All Ireland” which has been running over 50 years.

If you or your club would like to become a member of the NCFFI please review the membership benefits here and contact us if you would like more information via the link provided.


We aim to keep you updated promptly via our social media channels but members of our affiliated clubs can also sign up to receive our e-mail updates and stay informed.