The NCFFI organisers will make the arrangements for the boats for the competitors through individual owners directly for practice and competition days.  The boats will be driven exclusively by the owner and the pilot or another to be provided by the organiser will act as the steward.

All boats will be of a similar standard with a minimum 10hp and include life jackets(2), unhooking mat, landing net, forceps, anchor and a fish finder. Boats will be allocated through a daily draw each day of practise and competition.

No claim can be made to the organisers in respect of the quality of the boat having an impact on the competition results.

The cost of each boat to accommodate two anglers including fuel is €120 per day. Therefore for the duration of the championships two days practice and two days competition the total cost will be is €960 per team for boat hire. Additional boats can also be hired for extra days before the competition if required

Competitors may wish to choose to bring their own boats.

Please specify your boat requirements on the Registration Form