Active Awards for Sport – Northern Ireland

The Active Awards for Sport Programme is OPEN for applications.

Active Awards for Sport is a Lottery funded small grants programme primarily aimed at grassroots community based sport. The programme aims to prioritise sports clubs, community groups and governing bodies of sport, especially those based on areas of greatest need. In particular the programme will look to contribute to “Promoting Equality, Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion.”

Who Can Apply

  • Governing Bodies of Sport (recognised by Sport Northern Ireland)
  • Sport Clubs (must be affiliated to a Governing Body of Sport recognised by Sport Northern Ireland)
  • Charities
  • Parent Teacher Associations
  • Community/Voluntary Groups

As the NCFFI are the recognised NGB for coarse angling by Sport Northern Ireland this provides an ideal opportunity for our angling clubs looking for funding.  For more information visit

The current round of funding will close at 12.00 noon on 13 April 2015.

A major milestone is reached for angling in Northern Ireland

A major milestone is reached for angling in Northern Ireland.

In recognition of the Sport of angling in Northern Ireland the funding application to Sport NI by the Ulster Angling Federation in partnership with the National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland and it’s Ulster Council the UCFF has resulted in the recent appointment of Gary Lavery as Active Clubs Coordinator for Angling.

The UCFF were delighted to welcome Gary along to their AGM last week and look forward to working with him going forward. An introduction from Gary:-

“As the new Angling Active Clubs Officer for the governing bodies of Angling in Northern Ireland (Ulster Angling Foundation) & (National Course Fishing Federation Ireland Ulster Branch) supported by Sport NI and Outdoor Recreation NI, I am looking forward to my new role of supporting and working with all the angling clubs in Northern Ireland.

Angling in NI is a hugely popular sport and there are a lot of challenges that lie ahead that I believe with the experience I bring to the post having worked in sports development and club development for the past 20 years I can help the governing bodies, angling clubs and anglers with.

One of the key areas of my initial focus in the next 3-6 months will be to get out and meet with those angling clubs and organisations who are keen to move forward and introduce new members to their club in particular: young male and female members.

As Active Clubs Officer I will be supporting all angling clubs and their officers with; advice, information, and guidance and to identify and deliver training and programmes to make their angling club even stronger to enable accessible and sustainable participation opportunities through their club.

If your angling club would like to arrange a meeting or if there is any information or guidance I can help you with I can be contacted on my email:”

Inland Fisheries Ireland Announce Sponsorship Programme 2015

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has announced its 2015 Sponsorship Programme which aims to increase awareness of IFI, its work, recreational angling in Ireland and the inland fisheries resource.

Anglers, angling clubs, angling federations, groups, associations and clubs or other appropriate bodies are being invited to apply for IFI’s support to assist with events. This includes any appropriate inland fisheries, recreational angling, education and awareness or other appropriate event, competition, item or initiative.

The IFI Sponsorship Programme supports events based on: the location and nature of the event; the potential of the event to introduce new users to angling in an active capacity; education, increased awareness and empowerment of stakeholders in the areas of recreational angling as well as environmental, commercial fisheries and habitat issues; development of events and support for existing events; increased participation in national and international events for juvenile anglers and female anglers; events across all angling disciplines and all River Basin Districts; events that can draw large number or repeat visits of angling participants to rural areas.

Organisers should be aware that from 2015 onwards catch and release is prerequisite in all angling events seeking assistance under the IFI sponsorship scheme.

Applications for large scale national events and the hosting of international events with the capacity to draw increased numbers of both domestic and overseas visitors to rural and peripheral regions for extended periods are welcome. Organisers planning to host international competitions and events to be held beyond 2015 are also invited to register and / or apply for support for these events. This register will be used for planning and marketing purposes.

All applicants must complete a Sponsorship Application form and Event Approval Form and submit them to the IFI Business Development Section before March 31st, 2015. Applications will not be assessed until after the submission closing dates. Support, subject to availability, will primarily consist of staff and equipment use as well as location supports – there is minimal financial support available during 2015 for club events.

Funding for the delivery of IFI’s remit through service level agreements with angling federations is possible, and federations are invited to make a combined application (including international, national and local events) for support on a prioritised basis.Where possible, support will be assigned to assist with the development of new events which provide additional opportunities to attract more users to recreational angling.

For further information on the IFI Sponsorship Programme 2015 including detailed sponsorship criteria and application forms, visit

Completed application forms should be sent to Bridie Fleming, Inland Fisheries Ireland, 3044 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Citywest, Dublin 24.

For more information on IFI visit


National Angling Development Plan – Inland Fisheries

Press Release of Friday, 20th February, 2015

Inland Fisheries Ireland Launch Public Consultation on National Angling Development Plan

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has today (20.02.15) launched a public consultation in preparation for the development of a National Angling Development Plan (NADP).  It is envisaged that the NADP will provide criteria, support and proposals to ensure the sustainability of Ireland’s angling resource and the continuing sustainable development of that resource to maximise the benefits (social and economic) to Ireland on a prioritised basis.

Anglers, angling clubs, angling federations, fishery owners, community groups, angling service providers, state agencies and members of the public are being invited to make submissions which may include: strategies for the development of angling, physical development projects, novice angler initiatives, evaluation criteria of fisheries status by species/discipline type (i.e. what makes a good fishery) and angling/fishery support service requirements; submissions can be formulated on a national, regional or local basis as necessary.

An essential part of IFIs consideration will be how a development plan can be implemented, the resource requirements and how the support of fishery owners, anglers, state bodies and other stakeholders can be garnered so that the sector prospers.

Minister of State Joe Mc Hugh TD, who has responsibility for the Inland Fisheries sector, said “IFI have been tasked to formulate a comprehensive development plan on a National basis, the need for which clearly arises form the most complete study of the sector ever undertaken”.  “I want to encourage a consultation process which is inclusive and which embraces Angling Federations, Local Authorities and other interested bodies but which also permeates right through to local club and community level.  This is an opportunity to be heard and to contribute to strategy and policy for a sector than can further underpin development and employment in rural, costal and peripheral communities”, he added..

A recent study of the recreational angling sector in Ireland, carried out by the international consultancy company, Tourism Development International (TDI), commissioned by IFI estimated that recreational angling in Ireland contributes €755 million to the Irish economy annually. The study showed that direct spending on angling in Ireland amounted to €555 million in 2012, with indirect and induced spending worth an additional €310 million. Following adjustments for imports and displacement, the overall economic impact of recreational angling in Ireland was estimated to be €755 million. Recreational angling was also found to directly support 10,000 existing Irish jobs, many of which are located in the most peripheral and rural parts of the Irish countryside and along our coastline.

The study found that 406,000 people were involved in recreational angling in Ireland during 2012, with over 150,000 of these travelling from Northern Ireland and overseas. Over a quarter of a million Irish adults (252,000) held a fishing rod in 2012 with sea angling along with salmon and brown trout angling seen as the most popular categories where domestic anglers are concerned. The quality of the Irish angling product, the friendliness and hospitality of the Irish people and our outstanding scenery were cited amongst the principal attractions of Ireland as an international destination for recreational angling. Tourism angling spend is estimated at approximately €280 million on an annual basis.

The study highlights the need to continue to protect and nurture the inland fisheries resource and grow its potential contribution to the tourism sector in Ireland. To that end IFI is now progressing a development plan for the sector.

Further information on the consultation is available at A template for making submissions is also available on the website or alternatively one may be requested from local IFI offices.

Submissions must be made in writing, marked ‘NADP – public consultation’ and addressed to Suzanne Campion, Head of Business Development, Inland Fisheries Ireland, 3044 Lake Drive, Citywest, Dublin 24 or by email to

The deadline for receipt of submissions is 3pm on Tuesday 31st March 2015.



Return of the Home Internationals

The NCFFI executive is delighted to announce the return of the Coarse Angling Home Internationals with Northern Ireland being the chosen location.  It is some years since this competition of the four home nations has taken place and the managers have chosen the Newry Canal as the venue.

A new format will be introduced to this event giving more inexperienced anglers the opportunity to compete.  Under new rules the teams of seven  will consist of 2 x current internationals (World or European Championships), 2 x new anglers or U25’s and 3 x others. The competitors will arrive on 21st October for practice ahead of the two day competition taking place on the 23rd & 24th.

Aside from the competitors the event is expected to provide spectator value to the area and the NCFFI International Float Team Manager, Mark Theedom will lead the organisation working with Newry Coarse Fishing Club, Newry & Mourne Council and the Loughs Agency.

The NCFFI continue to work with the council to further enhance the newly opened O’Rourkes Coalyard section of the canal to support this and also look forward to the following key angling events on the same venue this year;

NCFFI Junior Clubs Championships, Saturday 27th June

Junior Celtic Cup 1st to 4th July