Youth Team Ireland Off to Italy with New Manager

The NCFFI have welcomed the appointment of Gavin Walsh to the position of Youth Team Manager for the next three-year term. Gavin was responsible for re-introducing international angling to Ireland’s juniors back in 2011 after a gap of some years, taking on a role that no one else would entertain at the time, he led the Juniors to a win at the Celtic Cup in Scotland. His experience with youth angling will have played an important part when unanimously voted into the position, which he takes over from retiring manager Jack Tisdall.

In 2017 Ireland presented youth teams in all categories U15, U20 and U25 when hosting the FIPS-ed World Youth Angling Championships on Inniscarra. The three teams of promising young anglers fared well in competition but its recognised that they could benefit from more coaching and experience in their preparation for the World Stage. With this in mind for this first year in the term and with the World Championships not so far away Gavin has decided that only the Under 15’s will travel to Italy this year. The young anglers chosen through qualifiers held in 2017 are; Roisin Bohan, John Browne, Eoin Rogers, Charlie Richards and Rhys Walsh. This mixed group of aspiring young anglers with one world championship now under their hat show great promise and with a few years ahead of them in this category (they are probably the youngest team on the championship circuit) Gavin can concentrate his efforts in working with them to gain more experience. We wish them all well.

Gavin says-: I’m delighted to be back and looking forward to trying to guarantee a steady progression of youth anglers through the ranks all the way to our Senior teams for years to come. I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces over the coming years and watching their abilities and confidence grow through experience from these events. Hopefully this will generate recruits to our national teams for many years.

A change in circumstances for those U20’s and U25’s who attended the qualifiers last year has left us short on experience to form teams but those still interested are encouraged to re-apply for the 2019 qualifiers which will be held from September to November this year (to be confirmed shortly).
There is a considerable amount of effort required to coach and travel with young anglers and time will now be spent looking at the required structure of coach and parental support for the juniors to provide the opportunity for the future.

Anyone who is interested in getting involved should contact Gavin on 087 613 9551