Inland Fisheries Ireland, IFI are seeking submissions from interested parties to update and amend the existing Coarse fish Byelaw currently in operation in Ireland. View here

The National Coarse Federation of Ireland acknowledge this is a massive step in the right direction but we appeal to coarse anglers not to sit back and assume this byelaw will be passed.  There are many out there who will object to the protection of our coarse fish and it is therefore important to make a submission to show your support.

NCFFI Response to Public Consultation – Coarse Fish Regulations

  • Whilst it is obvious that the 4-fish rule will still apply to some species the NCFFI acknowledges this is a huge step forward bringing us closer to a no-kill policy. We are however disappointed that Rudd are not being afforded the same protection. Inland Fisheries’ own experts have identified Rudd as under threat, and we therefore request that they be afforded the same protection as Bream and Tench.
  • We welcome the efforts to protect the transfer of fish between water bodies; the events earlier this year in relation to the Lough in Cork are a grim reminder of how things can go horribly wrong. Even with this we as anglers have a role in the prevention of the spread of parasites and disease and implement bio-security measures.
  • Happily, there is no intent to prohibit keep nets, all important for our sport and tourism. We remind all our members to fish responsibly; abiding by minimum keep net sizes and limiting the amount of time fish are held out of the water.
  • We prefer of course that all our fish stocks were protected and the NCFFI will continue as an organisation to fight for and promote Catch & Release measures. This is in accordance with our Policy Document for Coarse Angling of 2015 which can be viewed here

Please give these proposals your support by making a submission to by 8th August.

You can view our submission in full, plus draft text to help you make your own here

Do not rely on others, support the voice of coarse angling and send in your own submission now!