2014 Boats Team

Colin Rutherford

Team Manager

Andrew Powell

Team Member

Steven Powell

Team Member

Lindsay McFadden

Team Member

Biggest fish of the championships and a 7th place overall for NCFFI Predator Team at the FIPS-ed 7th World Championship Boat Fishing with Lures.

The NCFFI Predator Team had a successful outcome at the event held on Lake Bourget in France with the pairing of brothers Steven & Andrew Powell from Co. Armagh securing the largest fish of the championships award with their catch of a 117cm Pike. Up against the best Lure anglers in the world, at only their second world championships,  the four man team were keen to score well and although they had not had the opportunity to fish the venue beforehand were focussed on tactics and determined to do well.

The fishing was hard on day one of the competition and Colin & Lindsay had just one fish over 50cm – others caught were immeasurable.  But with 5 of the 16 nations blanking it wasn’t so bad and the Irish team had scored 11th place. The conditions had been warmer than expected and after a change in tactics they headed confidently into day two when cooler weather was forecast.  Just an hour into the competition Steven secured the now famous Pike at 117cm and weighing in excess of 30lbs and within minutes had confirmation that Lindsay also had an 82cm specimen.   As a pair Steven & Andrew had scored first place for day two of the competition and as a team were placed 7th in the championships.

The team first represented Ireland at the 2013 Predator World Championships Boat Angling with Lures hosted by the NCFFI in Enniskillen.  Click here to see how they got on.